Custom sign maker in Vancouver


Our commitment is to leave the smallest ecological footprint possible and to help you do the same. We are constantly looking for ways to help reduce our environmental impact and to reuse and recycle whenever possible. We are experts in the latest use of LED technology, which is a recognized component of sustainable architecture, which use significantly less energy and last far longer than neon and standard T-12 fluorescent bulbs. This leads to considerable savings on both electrical and maintenance costs. Sometimes the most obvious energy saving options come from looking outside at exterior signage. Let us look at your existing signage, and find ways we can reduce your energy costs and help you "Go Green".

LED's are vastly different from traditional incandescent, fluorescent and neon light sources. LED's stand out because unlike lamps that can shatter, they are robust and highly resistant to shock and vibration. Due to the solid-state nature of LED's there are no filaments to break, no moving parts to fail and no glass components of any kind. With LED's, breakage during transportation, installation or operation, a common problem of traditional light sources, is virtually eliminated. The benefits of using LED's technology include: Up to 90 percent energy-cost savings, A long life of up to 60,000 - 100,000 hours, Minimized maintenance hassles and costs, Low-voltage operation, Consistent Brightness, Excellent cold-weather performance, Environmentally Friendly (LED's contain no Mercury)